We offer a wide variety of proven, effective online training and methods rooted in almost 30 years of experience; providing support, coaching, and guidance through one on one custom sessions tailored to your pets individual needs and learning style, and your lifestyle. All lessons are founded in solid "handler" (owner) training.


New puppy? First Puppy? Puppy with certain goals and expectations? Our puppy essentials online lessons are a powerful foundation for any puppy and home. These courses cover everything from character development, puppy teeth, potty training, shaping behaviors, nutrition and so much more. 


Online Training Services+Coaching

Puppy Foundational Training

Our online dog training programs arm you with the knowledge and know how to take your dog to whatever level you desire. From basic obedience, service+working dog skills, puppy rearing, general manners to behavior modification; working on specifics issues or advanced methods. No matter the age, breed or stage we can get you to your goals. 

If you're someone who has looked online for guidance at videos on dog training only to get confused, don't feel discouraged, we hear this often. These are the primary issues with that; 1.) Most trainers use a "cookie cut" curriculum, sticking to one single method and thats its, with no consideration as to how an individual dog learns they allow owners to watch under the assumption that it's either the only way or the best way. It may very well be a great method, however, just like you and I, and just like kids, we all learn differently. Each dog has his or her own individual learning style. Through our lessons you will learn how your dog learns and exactly what methods to apply and when. 2.) Many trainers leave out the importance of instinctual cues, such as; the handlers tone of voice, body language, mirroring energy levels, eye contact and other cues that our companions are reading from us and others arounds us. This is why in all our lessons we always recap and cover handler training.

Complete Puppy Training 



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